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Nathan Martin, Janie Tutton, Cameron Stitchbury and Neville Pugh from the Independence Collective.

Our people

Nathan Martin plays akey role in the Independence Collective.

Nathan Martin

Nathan is a beer connoisseur. He loves trying new beers and has been actively involved in taste testing and recipe development, as well as the brewing process. Meticulous about details, Nathan plays a key role in the team and has also seen his confidence and achievements grow.

An active member of the local community and some what of a local celebrity now, Nathan is often stopped in the street to talk about his journey. Nathan loves both beer and people and takes every opportunity he can to promote and sell the Change Maker brand.

Janie Tutton has been instrumental in the promotion of the Independence Collective's range of beers.

Janie Tutton

Janie has a natural ability to tell a story and has been instrumental in the promotion of the Change Maker range of beers to local bars and cafés.

Janie says The Independence Collective and Change Maker give her hope, and she likes knowing she has achieved something. She loves the positive feedback from customers, saying it’s exciting knowing that people want to buy Change Maker beer.

Other achievements she feels positive about are, expanding her network in the hospitality industry, being the team’s social media guru and growing in confidence through the selling experience.

Cameron Stitchbury is central to the Independence Collective's brewing process.

Cameron Stitchbury

Cameron is the workhorse of our collective and has been hands-on in the brewing process on many occasions. He says the experience makes him feel like a different person and it has inspired him to do things he’s never done before. Being part of the collective and the Change Maker team has been a huge boost to his confidence and self-esteem.

Neville Pugh is at the forefront of the Independence Collective's marketing efforts.

Neville Pugh

Neville loves the limelight been at the forefront of many of our public speaking engagements and promotional activities. The initial brew of Pale Ale was branded Neville, in his honour. He is passionate about beer and says he very much enjoys getting together with the team to talk about branding, marketing, sales and delivery as well as participating in the brewing process.

Neville is a great networker and is a salesman extraordinaire. He loves the idea of the group being partof a collective, with everyone working together as a team to make things happen.

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Nathan Martin, Cameron Stitchbury and Neville Pugh from the Independence Collective.
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The Independence Collective's Nathan Martin, Cameron Stichbury, Neville Pugh and Janie Tutton.
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Cameron Stitchbury and Neville Pugh from the Independence Collective.
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